CareCounsel Contributes to President-Elect Obama's Transition Health Policy Team

San Rafael, CA, December 22, 2008 — CareCounsel, LLC, the nation's oldest health care advocacy firm, hosted a Health Care Community Discussion Group on December 19, 2008. Today the Group's findings were submitted to Secretary-designate Tom Daschle and President Obama's Transition Health Policy Team.

"Given our unique perspective of having assisted tens of thousands of health care consumers over the past decade," commented Larry Gelb, CareCounsel's founder and Chief Executive Officer, "I believe that our staff's contribution to shaping the national debate over health care reform will be invaluable."

CareCounsel was founded to help employees, retirees and their families navigate the complicated world of health care and health insurance systems. Since CareCounsel pioneered the health advocacy sector in 1997, more and more employers have recognized the benefits of providing independent health advocacy support to their people.

The Group's official submittal focused on bringing the perspective of the patient or consumer into health care reform discussions. Reform should envision systems in which a patient with a disease does not need to be caught in the middle between his health insurance company and his health care providers or a young family trying to choose between different health plan options has choices that are easily understood and easy to compare across plans. Today most people feel like the weight of the system is stacked against them, often experiencing a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that makes the support of an advocate so important. The current system is all-too-often characterized by finger-pointing and disavowal of responsibility by insurance carriers, third party administrators and health care providers, leaving the patient overwhelmed by non-responsive players that can create obstacles to, rather than taking ownership of, problem resolution.

About CareCounsel, LLC
CareCounsel was founded in 1997 to help Americans navigate healthcare. The company is headquartered in San Rafael, California. More information is available at

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