Real-Time Trend Alerts

While working closely with your employees and health plans, CareCounsel keeps you and your benefits consultant informed about emerging health benefits issues. Examples include:

  • Inaccurate loading of benefits coverage information
  • Regional network access issues
  • Systemic eligibility errors
  • Persistent claims adjudication problems

Catching these problems early on can make a world of difference for your employees. We make it easy for you to spot emerging trends.

Quarterly Utilization Reports

Each quarter you will receive a program utilization report from CareCounsel. Our report is designed to

  • show how many people use the service;
  • give a comprehensive view of the support requests by your employees with useful demographic and categorical breakdowns;
  • help you pinpoint systemic issues and track changes from quarter to quarter;
  • provide root-cause analysis for network access, eligibility issues and claims problems coded by individual health plan vendor and design; and
  • keep you abreast of health plan grievances or appeals.

In addition, our reports will help you identify areas for improvement, when it comes time to renew or redesign your healthcare benefits.

Program Satisfaction Data

Along with our quarterly utilization reports, CareCounsel provides systematic satisfaction data detailing your employees' ratings of our service. Our most recent annual survey results, based on a 37% response rate, indicate:

  • 99% agree that their call was handled in a timely manner;
  • 99% agree their health advocate was professional and courteous;
  • 93% agree that CareCounsel's assistance saves time;
  • 98% agree that CareCounsel's intervention is effective; and
  • 96% agree that CareCounsel is a valuable benefit to offer.

In addition, you will see all the comments that your employees volunteer on the survey. This data bolsters the return on investment that comes from implementing CareCounsel.

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