Since 1997 CareCounsel has measured user satisfaction with our health advocate service. Individuals who access CareCounsel services receive a short written satisfaction survey that allows them to evaluate their experience with the Program. Year after year, our response rate has exceeded 33%. Here is a sample of a few comments from the survey instrument.

“With the complexity of the whole healthcare process, it would be almost impossible to figure anything out or get any answers without this service.”

“I encourage everyone to use the service. Everyone I have talked to has been courteous, helpful and managed to resolve issues in a very short period of time. Your service is the best thing since sliced bread.”

“Thanks so much for your help!! We called the hospital today and they are sending a refund to her for the $228 she paid in January. She thinks I'm the greatest HR person in the world. I know that it took a lot of work on your part to get to this point. Thank you for making me look like a hero!! You are helping restore people's faith in our benefits!”

“I am very thankful to my CareCounselor who helped me navigate through the insurance maze of “how to better confuse” our beneficiaries. Dealing with insurance companies is very challenging and frustrating. Even their own staff is not knowledgeable about their own rules. Thank you for saving my time and sanity.”

“We appreciate the help we received getting our daughter’s hospital stay covered. It was a difficult time for us and your assistance helped us to get back and focus on our daughter --- not the bill. Thank you!”

“This is a fabulous service -- really helped me deal with the insurance company and doctors. It really helps to have an advocate like this demystify the process.”

“My neurologist was unable to diagnose my condition, so he referred me to Mayo Clinic. Mayo is not in my network, so your representative helped me to locate another top rated facility that would cover my case 100%. Without her, I would have been completely lost. Thank you very much for providing this service.”

“As a retiree, I felt lost in the healthcare system until I spoke to a CareCounselor who helped me to understand the different options.”

“The gentleman I talked with was very, very helpful and courteous. He really knew what he was doing and helped me feel calm after being upset to hear I could not get my prescription filled. Thanks.”

“My CareCounselor is a SAINT! She should be beatified, her image imposed on a piece of pizza and sold on eBay for $1,000,000. Thank you, CareCounsel for all your help.”

“Your staff helped me find a support group for parents with a diabetic child. I’m glad I didn’t have to take time off to get the answers.”

“Although glad that I’ll soon be eligible for Medicare, I dreaded dealing with the three bureaucracies involved --- Federal government, Kaiser, my former employer. My CareCounselor patiently explained it all to me, clearly and completely. She made things much easier.”

“I wanted more information about my disease than my doctor could provide. CareCounsel pointed me in the right direction.”

“There are not enough adjectives to describe how helpful the CareCounselor was when she assisted me recently in sorting out a complicated insurance coverage situation. She never gave up; she was patient; she was kind. The situation was very satisfactorily resolved. This service is very valuable.”

“This was the first time that I’ve had to change health plans and initially it was confusing --- very confusing. HMO’s, PPO’s, EPO’s, UFO’s --- thank you for your helping me out!”

“Calling my insurance company has most often resulted in my feeling frustrated, pushed aside, blown off, uncared for and uninformed. CareCounsel is MARVELOUS! I felt very well taken care of. My CareCounselor is the greatest! Thank you!”

“I think this company is an asset. They have helped me sort through medical bills I did not understand and kept me calm when I thought I would lose everything. The CareCounselor has been in constant contact with the provider and has kept me informed throughout. I really appreciate this service.”

“I love, love, love CareCounsel!!! Thank you so much for what you do.”

“Great service, a real time saver! If not for your service, I would still be going around in circles with my COBRA carrier and health care provider… what a mess…you folks ROCK! Thanks!”

“CareCounsel has always provided helpful, friendly, and timely assistance no matter how big or small the problem. I think they are the best customer service people I have ever encountered anywhere! Thanks.”

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